What is the rate of home tutor in Karachi?
What is the rate of home tutor in Karachi?


What is the rate of home tutors in Pakistan?

The rate of tutor in Pakistan varies from place to place and on online and onsite platforms. Many tutors only teach through online media, and others prefer to give home tuition. The tutors’ rate can also depend on a few main features, for instance, the highly qualified the tutor is, and the pay will increase, the per-hour system of payment, and, most importantly, the difficulty of the subject the tutor is teaching. And last but not least, the teacher’s experience plays an essential part in making the effective influence of the tutor. Jinnah tutor academy, as per standard, offers not only the hourly rate for tutors in Pakistan but also weekly, monthly and per day, which ranges from 2000 to 50,000 Pkr. Nevertheless, The tutor’s rate is not a fixed amount that can not be negotiable; however, upon request, tutors negotiate their rate, but some are not allowed to charge.

Jinnah tutors provide tutors all over Pakistan

Jinnah Tutors Academy offers affordable plus qualified, experienced tutors. Also, you can pay at your convenience after meeting with home tutor and set hourly, per-day, weekly, and monthly rates. However, these rates can be navigable and different for different cities and parts of Pakistan.  The tutors of Karachi are primarily in demand, and Jinnah tutors provide tutors all over Pakistan. The order of tutors in the big cities of Pakistan is high, and the rates may be higher in major cities like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English are worth paying subjects. As mentioned earlier, Jinnah Tutors Academy offers an affordable and negotiable charge for tutors.

According to the average rates, the primary classes have a rate of about 2000 to 5000. Secondary classes need more time and attention with regular day assessments; therefore, charges may vary from 5000 per hour to 20000 per month. Moreover, subjects of upper secondary classes have an average rate of 2,000 to 5,000 per hour. English-speaking classes, IELTS, and ESL have different rates than average tuition. They require a tutor that makes them pro in acing the highest bands; therefore, its charges may vary from 25k to 50k. Moreover, O-level tutors and A-levels tutors mostly charge monthly in Pakistan, preferably in Karachi; however, in other cities, they might have an hourly rate of 2k to 4k on average per hour. 

Additionally, the rate depends on the mode of service the tutor provides, i.e. if they are commuting to the student’s home to offer their tuition, then the commuting fare of a home tutor will add to the tuition rate. If the tutor gives the services online, they might have less pay than a home tutor. Most tutors from all over the world have been using the online platform as a way of learning. Even the payment system through online banking and other E-transfer of money has been established. In Pakistan, easy paisa and jazz cash is the easiest way to transfer any pay from one part of the region to another part nationwide.

Jinnah Tutors Academy offers qualified, experienced, both onsite and online, to suit the student’s understanding and budget.

Best Tutoring Platform in Pakistan:

Tutors registered here at Jinnah Tutors Academy are not charging the rate with a blindfold; they ask for the pay per hour and week of classes according to their teaching capability to take classes. The tutor’s rates in Pakistan are much cheaper than in other countries; in Preply and other platforms, tutors have demand in dollars even in a per-hour system. Jinnah Tutor Academy offers affordable homes and online tuition. Tutors on international platforms are highly qualified for the tutor position, but the fees can only be reasonable for some. Jinnah Tutors Academy is the platform for all. You can select a tutor, negotiate the rate, set the system of pay per hour to per day and week, and your child sets to go to have guidance from a qualified tutor. Other platforms are also receiving scams. While in some cases, tutors may be a fraud, and in some, the client becomes a cheater, a trustworthy platform is where people can quickly put their trust and Jinnah Tutors Academy is one of the leading platforms for providing the best tutors.