Jinnah Tutor Academy


Jinnah tutor academy will always receive fees in advance, which will be released to the tutor at the end of the month or if parents ask us to release the Fees to the tutor between the months.

Jinnah Tutor Academy Charges 25 percent commision from the Clients of the total fees decided.
If you wish to hire a tutor after a demo class, then the fees will be paid in advance to the academy, or else if you want to continue the tuition in the future, then you should have to spend at least 50 percent payment in advance so that we can hold the tutor for you.
We Don’t take any responsibility for the tutor making false miscommitment such as grades, no of days, and timings.

If you wish to refrain from continuing the tuition in the future or between the month with the tutor, then the academy will not pay the fees deposited between the month; you are advised to continue the tuition for the whole month. The second available option is we can only change the home tutor for you.